2018 Winter Fundraiser

2018 Winter Fundraiser


Our Winter Fundraiser is now in full swing. Once again, Dr. Carvel Tiekert has generously pledged money for 2 matching funds,$25,000 each, for a total of $50,000.

The first match is a challenge match, for veterinarians only.

The second match is a challenge match, for non-veterinarian animal lovers only.

Matching funds are only given to match the amount we receive.. If we do not receive the full amount for each challenge, will will not receive the full amount that Dr. Tiekert has pledged.

Right now, pet owners are closing in on their goal, but veterinarians have fallen behind.

The winter fundraiser raises money for research in integrative holistic veterinary medicine. Unlike research for other types of treatment, we do not receive big grants for this type of medicine. No big drug companies will even consider it. Our government is not interested. So, unlike the big multimillion fundraising groups we get almost no support to help our mission.

That means it's up to you, to help us find natural ways to help treat diseases in our furry friends.

Who is going to reach their goal first? Right now, veterinarians are behind. Can they catch up? Or will pet owners pass the finish line first? Stay tuned!




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