"Once upon a time, she was the epitome of speed, grace, elegance, and athleticism. Watching her lure coursing or racing would take your breath away…so driven and competitive, she always gave it her all (and always finishing at or near the top). Such heart, such spirit, such determination.

Time and several serious injuries (none the result of racing, coursing, or agility!) and several lengthy hospitalizations for medical issues eventually caught up with her and slowed her down, but she was never one to give up and even when others had abandoned hope, she came back from the brink more times than I can count. Headstrong and opinionated, she none-the-less was always an inspiration and a joy. I feel honored and blessed that we had so many years together.

You are free to run with the wind once again, my love." - S. Hoblit

5/2/2004 - 8/29/2018

11/14/18 B. Smith for where needed. Dedicated to JuJuBe.

12/7/2018 C. Aguiree for where needed.  In honor of Dr. Larry Bernstein.

12/18/17 J. Hyland for HSA Cancer Research. Dedicated to "My Scottish Terrier, Junebug, who died of HSA when she was 7 years old."

6/15/18 M. Townsend for Nutrition Research.  Dedicated to Deb Zorn.

12/31/17 E. Thompson for HSA Cancer Research.  Dedicated to "All those dedicated to helping cancer patients! Thanks Steve and Erin!"

11/27/18 A & M Wilder for where needed.  In memory of Molly.

11/28/18 S. Pardal for where needed. Dedicated "For the love and work of Dr. Palmquist." 

5/17/18 T. Henderson. "In honour of the 5 patients I have lost this last year."

12/28/17 P. Fitzgerald for where needed.  "Dedicated to all shelter dogs, may they all have homes!"

8/17/18 L. Neri for where needed.  In memory of her dog Geo.

5/14/18 M. Entwisle for nutrition research.  In memory of Dylan.

M. Fowler monthly donations started 12/29/15 for where needed.  Dedicated to "All Gods creatures."

12/29/17 J. Bearman for where needed.  "In honor of those AnShen Clients who passed away in 2017."

12/9/2018 L. Ollie for where needed.  "In memory of my dog Sheeba whose life was extended by holistic medicine."

12/30/17 W. Moates for where needed. "In honor of Bootsie, a most wonderful companion for many years."

12/15/17 R. Lugash for where needed.  Dedicated to Dr. Palmquist.

11/27/18 T. Martin for where needed.  Dedicated to "Zena & Miciu, kitties who are recipients of holistic healthcare, and better for it."

3/4/18 K. Taylor for where needed."In memory of Dakota Taylor, my love my heart my soulmate. Miss him so much."

11/1/18 T. Lee for nutrition research.  In memory of Hoku.

1/16/18 D. Weinstein for cancer research.  Dedicated to Rudy Weinstein.

6/1/2018 B. Rule for where needed.  Dedicated to Winston.

12/31/17 L. Graham for HSA Cancer Research.  "In honor of LuLu, the world's best gift!"

12/26/17 M. Lewter donation to SAHVMA. Dedicated to Ruth Hawes.

12/10/2018 K. May for research.  Dedicated to his dog Bud.

11/19/18 J. Lang for where needed.  In memory of Bennie Gucci.

12/30/17 S. & K. Clouser for where needed. In memory of Dr. Patricia Whitaker.

6/10/18 V. Burrows for where needed. Dedicated to Batman.

12/31/17 K. Jensen for cancer research.  In memory of cats Kali and Brucie.

A. Wilburn monthly donations started 12/9/15 for where needed.  "In memory of our Min-Pin, Angel. We miss you so much baby girl."

12/31/17 D. Yelinek for nutrition research. Dedicated to Tommy Yelinek.

D. Zorn started monthly donations 6/3/17 for where needed.  "In honor of the amazing & extraordinary Darlene Knowles and President Dr. Richard Palmquist."

12/29/17 A. Cobbett for where needed. In memory of Laura Kiaulenas.

12/2/17 L. Frantz for Cancer Research.  Dedicated to Bennie.

12/29/17 F. Fisher for where needed.  Dedicated to Holden and Louis.

12/10/18 M. Woerner for where needed.  In memory of cat Morris.

12/29/17 J. Hicks for where needed.  In honor of Skrumpee.

12/15/17 D. Golden for where needed.  Dedicated to Astrid & Stu.