Everyone was a potential friend to love and give presents to, for Cinnamon

He would take the leaf of a lettuce with reverence as if it were the rarest delicacy on earth

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12/14/2020 M. O'Hara for where needed. In memory of their Mini Schnauzers Pepper and Whisker.

12/1/2020 S. Bowser for Lorraine Tiekert Endowed Scholarship. Dedicated to Buddy their beautiful angel dog.

3/26/2021 J. Lewis for where needed. In honor of Charlie and in gratitude to Dr. Palmquist.

11/21/2020 C. Aguirre for where needed. Dedicated to Dr. Larry Bernstein.

12/31/2020 C. Bauer for where needed. "In memory of our lady cat, Bob Cat Stevens".

1/27/2021 E. Perkins for where needed. Dedicated to "Dr. Mercola and his passion for truth".

11/20/2020 H. Tawney for where needed. In memory of Reilly and Haley.

12/30/2020 J. Bearman for non-specified research. In honor of the animals, AnShen has treated in 2020 that passed.

12/29/2020 P. Broadfoot for the Lorraine Tiekert Endowed Scholarship. In honor of Lorraine Tiekert.

10/5/2021 S. Wagner for where needed. In memory of Buddy, Lovey, and GG.

11/18/2020 J. Dodds in honor of Dr. Carvel Tiekert.

12/10/2020 J. Lang for where needed. Dedicated to Bennie Gucci.

M. Fowler monthly donations started 12/29/15 for where needed.  Dedicated to "All Gods creatures."

12/31/2020 R. Patrissi for geriatric research. Dedicated to Dr. Tracy MacFarland.