European Medicines Agency

A summary of general information on herbs and some essential oils, along with what actions they are approved for in Europe. Approval status is listed by country. Search by plant (listed alphabetically by the Latin name of their genus. Common name is in a column on the right, if you do not remember the Latin name.). Once you are there, you will see a page with tabs on it. The tabs are:

  • Key facts (common name, Latin name, and its status in Europe. F is the best, most complete status.)
  • Call for consultation (Every 5 years each herb is re-examined and new references and information are solicited. All new information worthy of inclusion is incorporated into the new document. Links to drafts of documents are found here.)
  • *All documents* (Links to final copies of documents are found here. The community herbal monograph is a brief summary of uses, both traditional and pharmacological, doses, side effects, and drug interactions. The final assessment report gives in-depth information on the herb. Scientific references used for that assessment are in a separate document which is next on the list.)


A good source for general information about how herbs and supplements and can help diseases. It is oriented towards human diseases, but many items apply to companion animals. You can search this database by disease or symptom on this webpage: is a link to their search page for diseases and their natural treatments.

You can also search by pharmacological action of natural substances here:

or search for specific substances here:

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

This database has absorbed the old Natural Standards database. Natural Standards used to be available only to institutions and libraries, and most subscription links still gives you that information. Some veterinary schools, such as UC Davis, subscribe to this database, but will only allow you to access it in person at their library. However, there is one page on the new website which allows a somewhat pricey subscription to individuals ($299 on 3/18/2016). It is unknown whether they will allow this in the future. That option can be found by clicking on the red Subscribe Today! link at the top of this page:

There is also a less expensive consumer version with less information for $49